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  • Web Update Wizard  v. Web Update Wizard lets you add 'update over the web' functionality to your applications with just a single line of code. You simply upload your revised software files, together with a simple script, to your web server. And it works with Vista!
  • Web Update Builder  v.3.2Web Update Builder creates small software clients that allow quick and easy website updates. No HTML knowledge required! Just add a couple of new tags to web pages, set FTP access parameters and give your customers or colleagues a reason to love you.
  • Web Update  v.2.0Web Update is the tool that helps you to add a professional web based updating system to your software product in 5 minutes and you don't need to write a single line of code. As it is a developer tool, not component, you can use it no matter what ...
  • Web Update 2  v.2.1.9With Web Update 2 you can update your own applications automatically from the web, letting your users to have your latest release of your software instantly reducing software maintenance costs. Web Update 2 functionality is similar to the one found ...
  • 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser  v.5.10Multi-page browser with built-in 27 utilities: Email Alert, Web Update Alert, Private URLs, Lyric Finder, Block pop-up, Screen capture, Download Manager, IP-URL Checker, Keep Connection Alive, Talking Reminder, Web Translator, etc. It is easy to use ...
  • Adware Cydoor Tools  v.2.8.22This download is for use with Adware Cydoor Tools only. Manual Installation: Unzip the archive, replace the existing definition file (the file location is configured in Web Update Settings section) and restart Ad-AwareAd-Watch. You can also use the ...
  • Wichio  v.5.91. Email Alert Checks all of your POP3 and Yahoo email accounts. It notifies and shows you a list of new mail. 2. Web Update Alert Notifies you when your selected Web pages are updated or when someone answers your posted topic in message boards. 3.
  • WodAppUpdate ActiveX component  v.1.3.1wodAppUpdate component is used to allow your application quickly and easily update itself with latest version, from information found on any kind of WEB or FTP server that you provide. * Web Update component * Easy to use. You call Check, Download ...
  • AppLife Update Limited  v. Update is a comprehensive updating solution for .Net software applications. Integrating directly within your .Net application, AppLife Update provides a powerful, flexible, and reliable software update distribution and authoring system.
  • Web Chrono Desktop  v.1.10Do more with your time! Designed to help you saving time, this free tool offers a variety of solutions through many assistants. People doing a frequent use of their computers will find this tool very useful and quite simple to use.
  • QSyncFTP  v.1.8QSyncFTP - publish or update your web site by mouse-click automatically or by timers fully automatic to any FTP server. Pubish or modify new files, changed files, new directories and uploads all changed files automatically to one or more FTP servers.
  • IncUpdate  v.2.3IncUpdate is the tool that helps you to add the professional web based updating system to your software product in 10 minutes and you needn't write a single line of code. As it is a developer tool, you can use it no matter what programming language.
  • TrueUpdate  v. is a software development tool for adding automatic web or LAN updating to software applications. Quickly determines required updates and then retrieves and applies the necessary patch or installation files using secure protocols.
  • AutoUpdate+  v.4.2AutoUpdate+ is the most feature rich and flexible automatic update tool on the market. Hover over the feature item below for a more detailed explanation. Deploy updates automatically If youre a software developer or an IT professional, you know how ...
  • Ad-Aware Definitions File  v.149.616 / 150.3The definitions have two versions because the versioning differs for Ad-Aware 8.2 (the first version) and Ad-Aware 9.x / 8.3 (the second version). Ad-Aware is the latest version of Lavasoft's industry leading anti-spyware solution. Ad-Aware helps ...
  • 27 Tools In 1 Wichio Browser  v.5.827 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser is a Web browser with additional 27 popular and powerful utilities which serve all kinds of Internet users, from ordinary to power users. The program is very easy to use with one button for one utility. To set options of ...
  • RDDC  v.0.2.2rddc aims to be a highly customizable, easy to use dynamic dns update client.
  • Yoono for Windows  v.7.4.0 Beta 2Yoono is an easy to use sidebar for your browser that allows you to connect to all your social networks and instant messaging services - in one place.
  • Ad-aware 8.3 Definitions File  v.150.602Ad-Aware is the latest version of Lavasoft's industry leading anti-spyware solution.
  • RomCenter  v.2.62Universal rom manager. It takes care of your roms, audits and fixes them to get perfect games files to play with your emulators. More than 60000 games can be fixed. All consoles, arcade, computers and handheld are available.
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